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I grew up in a low-income family. In high school I was involved heavily in performing arts. After graduation, I spent years dedicating my time to providing excellent customer experiences in retail and food. Afterward, I worked with multiple small businesses so that I could make a difference. Now, I'm able to utilize my love for art and apply it to sharing real value with other small businesses, families, and more. 


I have been behind a camera for 10+ years, since I got my first camera in 2011. I've loved every moment of capturing the world around me and continuously learning. I love connecting with other people and have had plenty of opportunities with my 9 years of customer service and leadership jobs I had before taking the full dive into Photography. The more I learn about the craft, the art, the impact, and clients' stories, the more I know this is the right place for me. 

This company was created to provide quality images at a price point that is accessible. With my personal background and work history, I understand the value that images can provide for memories, branding, celebration, and bringing people closer together. 

Snapshot Studio WA curates dynamic client experiences yielding bold, high-quality digital products that represent an honest and approachable look into the lives, personalities, love, and passion of my clients. 

We are located in Downtown Renton, surrounded by a wide variety of small businesses. Take a chance to shop local while you're here and discover art, food, and fun!


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