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business identity


Show & Tell

Business branding images are a necessary part of every digital asset library for businesses small-large. This is your web and social media content. Each image, crafted to capture what and who your business is, tells a story and represents the style and value of the brand. This is how your clients and customers will connect to your business, allowing a higher likelihood that they will use your product or service. 

Stock, phone, old, or amateur photography should be used either supplementally or not at all. Viewers are far more likely to gloss over these images. If they do look at them, they correlate the quality and style of the photo with the quality of your business. Don't let your impression be that you take the easy or cheap road, or that you don't take yourself seriously. 

For larger businesses, this is your opportunity to have a continuously rotating stock of images to keep your customer base up to date with your brand. Showcase your new office, store, uniform, colors, services, and more. 




I see it, I like it

Ecommerce, online shopping, product images, retail. If you sell a product, it is a basic necessity to have images of that product. Having an image of your product increases the likelihood that a customer will view and purchase it. Having a professional, retouched, accurate representation of that product ups that click-to-purchase ratio even higher. Nothing turns away a customer like not having a clear understanding of the product you're attempting to purchase. Show them everything they may need: Every color, angle, fit, application, etc. 


creative marketing


You have my attention

This style of photography can be seen as a mix of branding and products. This is the chance to quickly 'wow' a viewer and pull them in. Not only is the product or service featured, but it is carefully styled and set with an environment and color scheme that feels inviting and creates triggers a desire to have it. 

If you are looking to feature in a magazine, newspaper, newsletter, or even a product/season launch on your own website, this is your showpiece. 

During our consultation, we would discuss the vision for the campaign so that the set or environment can be created or found to perfectly convey the feeling you're wanting your customers to receive. 


your people


Say hello!

Your team, employees, and leadership are all part of the customer/client experience. Especially for service-based businesses, your client is hiring a person, not just the equipment that person is using. They would like to feel that the person they're interacting with and trusting is going to be personable, friendly, responsible, capable, and professional. 

It is common for businesses to designate part of their website to an "about" or "team" page. If you have one of these, it is important to ensure that the way you're portraying your people is as planned and branded as any other images you feature on your website. When you see a team page where every person's picture is taken on a phone with different lighting and backdrops, you likely feel that they aren't presenting a professional appearance, or at the very least incohesive. Stick out in a positive way by presenting your people as unified and deliberate. Whether this is headshots, meet the staff, sales team, or leadership, present your people with the same care as you present your product.